Video Deteriora Sequor (executrix) wrote,
Video Deteriora Sequor

A Cinco de Mayo Carol

Vladimir Putin was as dead as a doornail. There was no doubt about that. So when Donald Trump saw him (in company with Big Bird, and the Spirits of Wives Past, Present, and to Come) he thought he was just a bite of overdone steak with ketchup.

Big Bird showed him the spectres of Ignorance and Want. "Are there no privatized prisons? Are there no workhouses?" Trump cried.

But then he saw his favorite thing, Himself. He saw a lonely little boy at school. The loneliest!

So he had a change of heart and went to where Tiny Tim was doing his Medicaid work requirement, wall-building. Trump gave him a crutch.

"Allah bless us, everyone!" said Tiny Tim. So Trump took away his crutch.
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I thought that might have been you. Lol