Video Deteriora Sequor (executrix) wrote,
Video Deteriora Sequor

The Whiteboard

One of my coping mechanisms is sacking out on the bed reading thrillers (and in fact have written Jack Reacher Yuletide fic). I also like Jeffery Deaver, especially the Lincoln Rhyme series. The way that Rhyme eventually finds the correct solution (generally after at least one equally plausible but incorrect solution) is to maintain a whiteboard where each new clue is enrolled as it develops.

My current events version is to keep track of some of the totally unimportant people and entities, who have no capacity to do anything to him, that Trump has already pissed off.

Partial list:

* The intelligence community
* Mexico
* Australia
* The Pope
* The Old Guard of the Republican Party
* Republican members of the House of Representatives who think Trump should tell them about his plans before, say, their 11-year-old reads about them on Twitter
* Most of the diplomatic corps

I mean, obviously, a lot of other people, but with fewer options for biting him in the ass.

At some point, Trump's voters are going to figure out that of course his populism was a lie, and that the reason they don't have good jobs at living wages is that they are systematically underpaid by the rich--and that Trump took away benefits from his voter base for the benefit of the 1%.

I think Congress is going to proudly take credit for freeing people from the chains of PPACA--effective AFTER the 2018 election, so if the voters point out that no, actually, they preferred having inefficient and expensive health coverage to no coverage at all and no controls over medical costs, they can un-repeal.
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