Video Deteriora Sequor (executrix) wrote,
Video Deteriora Sequor

Oh Jersey City Never Change Part Whatzis

City Hall, a not-unattractive Gilded Age building, is over on the next block from my house. It is surrounded by lampposts with gigantic clear glass globes that are the most 1970s thing you've ever seen (well, except for the thermoses in the second episode of Blakes7)). Today, as I walked past on the way to the gym, I saw a couple of trucks with cherry-pickers so the municipal workers could install new and perhaps energy-efficient light bulbs.

THEY ARE RED. (The lightbulbs, not the municipal workers, although I can hope.) Because what better use of the city budget than to make City Hall look like a discount bordello? (For the British and britaboos among you, the phrase "pound shop" springs to mind.)

I am cheered by, after a period of several years, being able to walk on the sidewalk to get to the gym. The barriers and scaffolding have finally come down because they're almost finished with the outside of the hotel, which is a truncated oval building that looks like most of a racetrack. Perched on top of the glass cylinder that is one of the exits for the PATH train. Because who wouldn't want to stay in a posh hotel that vibrates every few minutes and admits and disgorges rush hour crowds?
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