Video Deteriora Sequor (executrix) wrote,
Video Deteriora Sequor

We All Take a Bow, Including the Cow, Though Business is Lousy and Slow

If you have access to, I really recommend watching the London production of "Gypsy" before they cycle it off. Imelda Staunton is just amazing, and it's a very fresh interpretation. Usually everybody just does what Rose* wants either because it's easier to go along, or because they're genuinely afraid of her, but Staunton is incredibly sexy. She sings wonderfully, although she's kind of uncertain in her first number, which made me nervous when I first heard the CD.

However, because of contemporary conditions (reminds self that this is not FFA, so I don't have to go to the US Elections post) I can't help thinking of this production as an allegory, with Staunton as a tiny insane Hillary Clinton dragging her terrible act around an America that is sick of vaudeville and prefers the cheap thrills of burlesque. OK, not a perfect allegory, AFAIK the real Gypsy Rose Lee was a pretty cool person and not at all like Donald Trump.

*Ethan Mordden has a whole riff about how stupid it is to refer to the character as Mama Rose, because her daughters call her Mama and everyone else calls her Rose or Madame Rose. I'm not sure this is valid--I mean, nobody in Hamlet ever calls the King Claudius but that's still his name and title, but whatever.
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Soooo I saw it before the election and it was just good singing. Really.
Amazing singing, Staunton blew me away.
Staunton is a great actress and surprisingly good singer. I have loved everything she has done.
The only other singing role I've seen her in is The Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, where she was fine, but I think Joanna Gleason is definitive. (As is Robert Westenberg as the 100% Prince/100% Wolf All the Time.)