If Music Be the Food of Love Get Stuffed

It seems churlish to complain about it, but one of the many things I'm not catching up on (dishes, hand laundry, work, doing my taxes) is...filmed or zoom theater. It's almost time for Red Bull Theatre's production of The Witch of Edmonton, an obscure Jacobean play, which I will probably skip because I just watched the first half of the Globe Theatre's Two Noble Kinsmen, which has a LOT of Morris dancing.*

I love the Play On! series of zoomed table readings of Shakespeare plays in modern "translations," but....they're supposed to be every Friday! And I still haven't seen the end of King John! And they did Twelfth Night today, which, I'm fairly sure, is NOT Friday.

BTW speaking of the National Theatre, Frankenstein answers the traditional question a la stupidtvquestions. Everyone always wondered why Frankenstein assembled the critter out of so many ill-assorted components instead of just animating a single body. Well, as we know now, he only got half his Putrid Direct order and he didn't like all the substitutions, but there was nothing he could do about it.

*Considering the notably slash speech about how the two imprisoned cousin's are each other's wife, it can be argued that the play has both the things one should try everything except: incest and folk dancing.

Drive-By: Found in Austen

From Northanger Abbey (Catherine is talking to Henry): "You think me foolish to call instruction a torment, but if you had been as much used as myself to hear poor little children first learning their letters and then learning to spell, if you had ever seen how stupid they can be for a whole morning together, and how tired my poor mother is at the end of it, as I am in the habit of seeing almost every day of my life at home, you would allow that to torment and to instruct might sometimes be used as synonymous words."

From Persuasion: "We live at home, quiet confined and our feelings prey upon us."

Drive-By: Pajama Day in Purgatory

It dawned on me that when the Ghost appears in Gertrude's closet, he is wearing his nightshirt, suggesting that, like so many of us, he hasn't bothered to put on his Outside Clothes. (Actually, although Gertrude's closet is usually staged as her bedroom, so perhaps the Ghost was used to being there en deshabille, I've read that it should be more of a private parlor or indeed home office.)

Which leads me to wonder if the Ghost is violating a Work From Home order. Perhaps not, if he's been haunting Elsinore all along, although the play makes it sound like he's a new phenomenon. He seems to be acting on his own initiative--I don't think Revenge Influencer would have been considered an essential occupation.

Drive-By: Honor Among Thebes

Going back even further in classic literature to figure out how we got into this mess--well, obviously there is a long-standing connection between plagues and motherfuckers* but then I realized it isn't a good analogy because who could imagine Trump becoming King because there *was* a riddle he could solve?

*And I can hear you all saying to Trump "you have my brooch-pin!"