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Link is to a petition to support Keith Ellison as chair of the DNC; obviously it's going to make a big difference to conventional politics who administers the Democratic party.

If you have the chance, consider becoming a member of one of two groups with a well-earned poor reputation:
1. Union officials
2. Civil servants.

Union members earn a lot more and have much better working conditions and benefits than non-members. However, in the past unions have done a lot to keep those good jobs for white men, and to hold back useful technologies. Union officials who aren't thieves, racketeers, or bigots could do a lot to improve unions' reputation and profile. Remember what I said last time about going for jobs nobody wants? Every union local has a ton of gruntwork and a perpetual shortage of new grunts.

Agencies are going to face budget cuts, and the only way they can get through their workload is with smart, energetic, hard-working people. Errr, which is not 100% of their current census. Even if they're not hiring now, take the test, they have to hire from the list, so if you get a good score they have to hire you even if they don't like your race, sex, or orientation.

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention--block associations have ALL the information about local things, and if they hand a clueless city councilperson an explanation of how to vote about something complicated, there's a good chance that the city councilperson will agree.
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