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    Saturday, April 12th, 2014
    12:18 pm
    TV Randomness
    fail_fandom_anon has nominated Jamie Bell for inclusion in Magic Mike 2, because of his past as a professional dancer. I am therefore confused that his new show is called "Turn," which, puzzlingly, is about the USian Revolutionary War and not part of a combination.

    Actually I typed "his new sow" which reminds me that Miss Piggy could play Mrs. Lovett in Swiney Todd.

    If "Revenge spoilers" is even a Thing, Revenge spoilers behind the cut...

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    Monday, March 31st, 2014
    1:37 pm
    Free to good home: two-audio-Cd set of L.A. Theatre Works' production of The Scottish Play starring one James Marsters. Joanne Whalley is Lady M.

    First e-mail with snail addy to takes it. Because it's small, I can send it to the UK.

    If this production knows what it is to give suck, DON'T BLAME ME, I'm just the messenger.
    Tuesday, March 11th, 2014
    11:45 am
    Drive-By: Tudor High School AU
    Teen Wolf Hall--bring up the bodies, forsooth!
    Monday, February 24th, 2014
    5:54 pm
    Drive-By: Critter High
    Directly as a result of elviaprose's splendid contribution to Blakefest ( I seem to be writing two B7 fusions fics with Pullman's His Dark Materials. But much more Cute Critters stuff with daemons than metaphysics.

    At least the way I'm writing it, HDM fusions tend toward the condition of High School AUs, because everybody's daemon spends most of her* time snarking about the other daemons. Which at least moves them closer to Bechdel pass, because although they probably spend a lot of time talking about their humans, they do snipe about female daemons.

    I note that there is precedent for this "diptych" process (Tragedy Tomorrow! Comedy Tonight!) because my Jane Austen B7 fusions are like that, and I have a Merchant of Venice WIP ditto.

    elviaprose has assigned Vila a monkey daemon, which seems like an excellent idea, so I am carrying it through. I note that I have written two previous stories with monkeys (B7's Tarrantara, where it's a cameo role, and Firefly's The Side of the Angels, where Simian is at least a guest star).

    I linked to the BlakeFest collection as a whole because, although I can't very well expect everyone in fandom to be interested in fanworks for one tiny fandom, if you know anything at all about B7 then you should go and revel, BlakeFest is AWESOME, not just because of the terrific contributions but because there's a ton of interesting discussion in the comments.

    *In HDM verse, daemons are usually the opposite sex of their person, so in elviaprose's story Jenna is the only crew member with a male daemon.
    Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
    6:33 pm
    Drive-By: That Deformed Thief, Fashion
    I have an ad showing the cover of a fashion magazine with the headline, "Modern Fashion Icon BLAKE! 'I don't have a stylist, I trust myself.'"
    8:43 am
    Friday, January 17th, 2014
    12:58 am
    Laissez Faire: come for the free trading, stay for the cosplay?
    Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
    12:43 pm
    Drive-By: The Trouble Wiv Poet
    Is 'ow do you know it's deceased?

    reginagiraffe posted a magazine cover (evidently in need of a colonoscopy) that was arranged exactly like this:

    Rachael Ray
    finds inspiration
    in cooking
    her family
    and her dog
    Sunday, January 12th, 2014
    8:56 pm
    Iron Man DVD Commentary Available
    karmageddon asked for me to write a DVD commentary on a fic, and aralias is sort of interested in this one, so I have prepared a DVD commentary on Iron Man. But it's enough of a slog to read the gorram thing ONCE so, in lieu of posting it, I will e-mail the DVD version to anyone who requests it--email me at, giving your preferred addy for the purpose.
    Friday, January 3rd, 2014
    3:33 pm
    Om Nom Nom: Snow Day Eggplant
    Although it's sunny, it's brass-monkeys, so I haven't been out except to shovel snow. Oh joy. So, even though I still have some of the last loaf (delicious whole wheat) today is Bread Day! (Whole wheat/oatmeal this time.)

    For lunch, I put on a pot of rice and stir-fried celery and orange bell pepper with a pickled jalapeno. (I opened the can a couple of days ago, and since those things are pretty much a nuclear power plant I still have most of the can.) Then I cut some OMG! so cute! Thai eggplants (they're about 2" long) into dice. I really like the Thai ones because they stay tender-crisp.

    Peanut sauce! Smoosh a big spoonful of peanut butter into the frying pan! Splash on some mushroom soy sauce (in lieu of fish sauce)! Squeeze a lime into the pan! Is the rice finished? Yeah. So, sprinkle on some brown sugar and sesame seeds, stir everything and...see why you put the rice on first?
    Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
    7:58 pm
    Decmemebr OT: O What a Tangled Web
    OK, this didn't get done in 2013--lunabee34's wild card request about stuff that I am all Jon Snow about and wish I wasn't.

    For some reason having two left feet bothers me more than singing fairly badly. I honestly don't care that I can't act. I do wish I could draw or paint; getting up to the third dimension and sculpting just seems *too* difficult.

    Probably most relevantly, though, I'm a couple of weeks away from being 61, so I frequently hit walls on this Computer stuff and especially this Online stuff. I mean, I know there was some kind of wank about Yuletide bookmarks, but I don't even know how A03 bookmarks are supposed to work. And every time someone on fail_fandom_anon says it's easy to get your account to do what you want it to, all you have to do is tweak a couple of lines in this particular Greasemonkey script...

    And it's not that I don't understand basic html, but I still can't get LJ and DW entries formatted correctly. And I don't know why, when I upload a story to A03 that *has* spaces between grafs, there aren't any spaces between grafs, mutter grumble.
    7:12 pm
    B7 Fic: IRON MAN

    Finally finished the goddamn thing, it's about 15,000 words.

    The World War I hit musical "Chu Chin Chow" was described as "rather more navel than millinery" and I'm afraid this story turned out to be rather more fashion than fellation...
    Saturday, December 28th, 2013
    1:09 pm
    The Declaratory Matter of the Ten Stories
    Interesting article in the New York Times today: Jennifer Schuessler's "Sherlock Holmes Is In the Public Domain, American Judge Rules." (Although Schuessler calls a declaratory judgment order a "declarative judgment"--for shame, NYTimes copy editors!)

    The case is Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate Ltd., No. 13 C 1226 (ND Ill 12/23/13). It's mostly civil procedure stuff about who is entitled to win on what kind of motion to restrict what happens at the eventual trial. (Cut for length)

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    BTW one of Watson's wives is pre- and one post-1923. Sort of like playing the dozens ("Your mama is in the public domain")
    Friday, December 27th, 2013
    7:35 pm
    Firefly Fic: Seven and a Half Cents

    This is for lunabee34. She got on the Yuletide pinch-hit list very late. I couldn't pick up the pinch hit because I don't know any of the fandoms. And I thought, oh no! Some pinch hits are great, on the hanged-in-a-fortnight theory. But what if all she gets is some rubbish that someone knocked together in a couple of hours?

    This is not a Yuletide treat because not a Yuletide fandom. And, like the fearful flyer who brought his own bomb on the airplane because it was just too hard to believe that there would be TWO of them, *I* knocked together some rubbish in a couple of hours.
    9:51 am
    Decmemebr: DLS
    Happy birthday, chelseagirl! Who asked for "Dorothy L. Sayers." I'm not really in Wimsey fandom, and I really had to struggle to find canon details for my few ventures into Wimseyfic. (I still don't know if Bunter is younger or older than LPW and feel unequal to the task of digging it out.)

    I am extremely impressed by the intelligence and good humor of Wimseyfans, and the talent of the writers who really *are* in the fandom.

    My dreamcast Wimsey is at-the-appropriate-age Michael York, so even though it's stupid to jump into fountains in a harlequin costume even if you *are* trying to break up a dope ring, I think he could make it work. (Cut for length)

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    ...although if there were a Bunter-Fights-Zombies-regrets-unlived-life fic it would have to be called Remains of the Day.
    Monday, December 23rd, 2013
    10:07 am
    I have just two more episodes of Breaking Bad to go! Which made me think that (spoiler cut)

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    In addition to coming up with an idea for my Blakefest assignment, yesterday I had a new Firefly idea! And this morning I had an idea for a Shakesfic! I ended up not writing either of the possible treats, because not only did I run out of time but they weren't really all that close to the prompts.

    Last week I had a cross between a fandom dream and sleep-writing. I know Simon was running down a lot of dark corridors in a hospital. My headcanon is that, at an early stage of the BA/MD program, Simon worked in a military hospital. Don't have a usable plot, but do have a title: M*A*S*H*A*N*G*, which is the 'Versal version of "stat."
    Saturday, December 21st, 2013
    9:40 am
    Decmemebr: Happy Gauda Prime Day!
    Happy birthday aralias!

    ...who asked me, for Gauda Prime Day, to talk about Gauda Prime Days past and how my B7 fannishness has changed.

    First of all, spoiler cut for people who haven't seen B7 but might:

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    I have never been very structured about B7 rewatching, so I have never had a Gauda Prime Day remembrance. And in addition to writing "normal" PGPs I have often come up with rationales of greater or lesser battiness to make sure that it didn't happen *at all.*

    Aralias, you should feel a bit like Portia ("this comes too near praising of myself") because I am delighted that there is a cadre of New Souls for the Faith, and, without being hierarchical, you are certainly instrumental to the New Wave. (cut for length)

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    Thursday, December 19th, 2013
    12:28 pm
    Drive-By: Charrette Week
    I shall in due time do a wild card Decmemebr post to answer lunabee34's question about "stuff I know fuck-all about" but certainly one thing that fits that category is: Architecture! And I am reading Witold Rybczynski's "How Architecture Works."

    He talks a lot about the classicist Ecole des Beaux-Arts ("the Parisian school of architecture [...] which dominated architectural education in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries"). "Charrettes" were carts used to transport architectural drawings from the studio building to the building where the professors graded the student projects. "Tardy students who touched up unfinished drawings during the journey itself were said to be working 'en charrette.' The term came to refer to any intense design session with a looming deadline."

    In "Revenge" news (cut for spoilers)

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    Sunday, December 15th, 2013
    9:50 am
    Decmembr: Pizza
    For kindkit.

    My favorite kind of pizza is reasonably thin crust (but not ultra-thin, I've had it and it doesn't work). I am OK with white pizzas sometimes, but usually want to have tomato sauce and cheese. As an omnivore my favorite pizza was mushroom and sausage (second prize: mushroom and pepperoni, third prize: THREE weeks in Philadelphia) and I still like the Trader Joe's vegetarian chorizo on pizza, although Chowhound said they discontinued it, so, boo. Once I get my seitan-making skills to a higher peak, I'll definitely try some homemade sausage. (Cut for length)

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    Saturday, December 14th, 2013
    6:03 pm
    I'm on the pinch-hit list for Yuletide, which means that if someone picks it up, ze has only about a week to write. I really hope it's someone who's at least mildly interested and not Kitty tho...

    BTW the flyer with the supermarket coupons has a coupon for Swiss Navy lube. Apart from blinking a bit that it's even in the flyer, now I can hear Winston Churchill intoning, "And what ARE the traditions of the Swiss Navy? Chocolate, buggery, and the lash!"
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